Why You Should Visit Tucson Arizona

Aside from the images of the Wild west and the romance of the dry and dusty desert there are plenty of reasons to visit the modern Tucson Arizona.

That is not to say that the entire romance of the old west is gone completely. In fact even the modern Tucson has places to visit which will bring back memories of those old Western shows that were once part of Hollywood blockbusters and those beloved TV series where the grizzled ranch owner protects his home from dangers that appeared week after week.

But there is also the modern Tucson – and here are some of the attractions that should not be missed if you are ever in town.

Firstly trip into the Sonoran Desert is an absolute must. The site of the famed saguaro cactus is enough to bring back to vivid life those Hollywood classics of yesteryear. Viewing them with the backdrop of the five mountain ranges that surround the city is a treat for the eyes – while the quiet desert winds are a balm for the soul.

But that is not all that Tucson has to offer as far as the outdoors is concerned. With over 300 days of wonderful sunshine this is the perfect place to visit for those who want to enjoy Mother Nature at her most glorious.

Even if visitors don’t want to venture into the great outdoors there are still experiences that will provide them with a relief from the stresses of everyday city life. Tucson has some world class spas that will sooth the soul and strip away those worries that we all seem to carry as part of the baggage that is part of 21st century living.

But that’s not all that Tucson has to offer. It is o secret that this corner of america has some of the best cuisine in the country. For those who want to tuck into that top class steak Tucson is the place to be.

Try out Daisy Mae’s Steak House and relive an era when a real meal consisted of great steaks and ample portions. No nonsense mesquite grilled steak is the order of the day. Don’t expect pretension – just good food and friendly service. Try the 14 ounce Ribeye. No frills – no fuss, just good old fashioned food that is made with care and attention.

Tucson has so much to offer that it is almost impossible to choose an attraction that shines above the rest. It’s a challenge – but one you should try and meet.